Charity Partners

As outrageously fun as Bonza Bash events are, there is always a more serious side – and that is our non-profit or charitable organization fund raising work. Each Bonza Bash event has a designated beneficiary, where we work with an organization to drive awareness, media attention and guest compassion to result in increased interest in the non-profit and of course, donation revenue.

Thanks to the generous support of our attendees, and the hard work of our non-profit partners, Bonza Bash has raised over $60,000 for worthy charitable organizations locally and across the globe. Charitable organizations we’ve supported include the Seattle Humane Society, Seattle Aquarium Society, Roses & Rosemary (raising money for HIV afflicted orphaned children in Africa) and the Bush-Clinton Haiti Fund.

We welcome organizations that support corporate giving or matching and have considerable flexibility in how we can work with a given organization to raise the most money and awareness. We encourage independent giving from our guests if the cause resonates with them, and we work hand-in-hand with the non-profit to maximize the benefit of mutual brand association.

Interested in Being a Charity Partner?

As you can imagine Bonza Bash Productions receives considerably more interest from non-profit organizations seeking participation in a Bonza Bash, than we’re able to accommodate. With this in mind, we do encourage well-thought out and detailed expressions of interest from appropriate organizations. A Bonza Bash is a complex and time consuming event to host, and we do seek volunteers from the non-profit organization to help staff our event in exchange for exclusivity on donations and beneficiary-related press coverage. If your organization would be a good fit for a Bonza Bash partnership, and you have the personnel resources (or access to resources) that can help staff the event on-night, please contact [email protected] outlining your organization’s size, structure, goals, other sources of finance and desired level of partnership at an event.

While we’re unable to work with every organization that contacts us, we do very much appreciate the level of interest and look forward to engaging with the community to help make our world a better place.