2009 Annual Bonza Bash

Earth Hour and Carbon Neutrality

Bonza Bash is proudly an Australian event, and another proud event originating in Australia shares the same date as this year’s Bonza Bash, March 28th, 2009. That event is Earth Hour.

In 2007 the city of Sydney, Australia turned off its lights for an hour to make a statement about global sustainability. In 2008 over 50 million people around the world joined in turning off their lights for Earth Hour as the Golden Gate Bridge, Rome’s Coliseum, the Sydney Opera House, London’s Big Ben and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square all stood in darkness. On March 28th, 2009 organizers are expecting up to 1 billion participants around the world.

Bonza Bash Is Now Carbon Neutral

Reduce  your carbon footprint and fight global warming with carbon offsets from  TerraPass

We decided that turning off the lights in the Aquarium with such a large group assembled inside presented some unique safety & security risks, so instead we’ve decided to go one step better – we’ve purchased carbon offsets to cover the impact to our environment that our event is responsible for. The carbon offset amount that we’ve purchased covers the event itself, as well as your vehicle transportation to the event (we’ve calculated ratios of car/limo/flights based on previous events), hotel room offset, and our impact in preparing for the event – the planning team’s vehicle usage, computer usage and so forth (including the web servers hosting both Shindigg.com and BonzaBash.com).

TerraPass, the carbon offset provider we’re using, funds a broad list of projects – including some in Washington State. All of their projects are in North America and fall into one of three categories: clean energy, farm power and landfill gas capture. Feel free to read more details on their current and past projects.

TerraPass is a fully transparent organization whose projects are verified by annual audits, and they adhere to a series of carbon project standards, including the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), the Climate Action Reserve, and formerly were a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange. Read more details on TerraPass standards.

Earth Hour has been an amazing success in the two short years it has existed. This year they’ll reach new heights of awareness as this Australian concept strikes a note with global citizens the world over. Here at Bonza Bash, we’re delighted to be involved – here’s to a great Earth Hour, and welcome to the Bonza Bash!