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For the first time, a very lucky few Bonza Bash guests will be able to experience two New Year’s Eves, in two amazing cities, on opposite sites of the planet, on the one night. To accomplish this – we’re taking you to Sydney, Australia for the world’s largest outdoor New Year’s Eve celebration, before returning you to Seattle, Washington for one of the world’s last New Year’s Eves. We’ll be doing it in style – private jet, luxury 110ft private yacht, exclusive tours, a private concierge, and all to create the most unbelievable experience you could ever dream of!

Just How Big Can You Dream?

How about first class travel to Sydney, Australia – experiencing the amazing people, culture, sights and sounds of this jewel in the Australian crown? How about Sydney Harbour’s largest private yacht as you have a front row seat before the most spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks in the world? How about taking a private jet immediately back to the United States, chasing timezones to arrive in Seattle, WA back on December 31st again to celebrate at the other end of the earth’s 24 hour clock?

Dream no further, ladies and gentlemen – and let Bonza Bash escort you on the most magical New Year’s Eve you will ever have. Give us six days, and we’ll give you memories to last a lifetime – as you accomplish a feat that very few people on this planet will ever have the chance to do. This is an opportunity for those with the means and passion to experience all that life has to offer, as we present the very finest New Year’s Eve celebration on Earth.

Read on for an example of the custom itinerary we will craft for you…