Why Bonza Bash?

Since the beginning, our goals with Bonza Bash have been pretty simple: throw the most amazing parties at interesting and unique venues, and have a ton of fun doing it! We love to throw parties like nobody else does.

We’ve been to a lot of parties in our time. We’ve been to the clubs, the pubs, the raves, the Space City Mixer events, the Seattle Anti-Freeze events and pretty much everything else. The more we looked, the more we realized that nobody threw the kind of events we wanted to throw… This year is a good example, if you check out the other parties in town, you’ll find events like the Space City Mixer Hollywood Nights Seattle party is on. It’s at the Showbox, which is a good venue, but doesn’t really compare to our venue – the EMP. Space City Mixer parties are decent parties in Seattle, but we can pretty much guarantee they won’t be raffling off a round trip ticket for 2 to Australia, like we did at our last event. What’s on the agenda for this event? You’ll have to wait and see…

The Bonza Bash Seattle’s Halloween Party, and it’s all about providing high-end, classy events at interesting and unique locations. Events that gave people an opportunity to have fun and connect with people from all walks of life.