Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear?

Bonza Bash Summer 2009 is a summer cocktail party, so the dress code is “upscale summer cocktail party attire”. More specifically, we’re hoping to see you dressed to the nines in our theme colors of Red, White and Bright. Our summer event is not a black tie but we do expect you to you’ll be dressed to the nines. Be creative!

As usual, no jeans will be allowed. Also, no t-shirts, shorts, sneakers etc… This is an exclusive summer cocktail party, so take advantage of a rare opportunity in Seattle to dress to impress. Dare to be dapper, debonair and chic!

Can I wear jeans?

Definitely not! As noted above, a sophisticated but fun Bonza Bash is about daring to be dapper… so put on your summer best! Otherwise, security will kindly ask you to go home and get changed.


I hear you have a deals on hotels, transport etc… Where can I find out more about that?

Check out the details here