Charity Beneficiary: Washington Food Coalition

This event is a benefit for the Washington Food Coalition.

Washington Food Coalition logo
Washington Food Coalition supports the statewide emergency food network. This food network fed 1.6 million people last year throughout the state of Washington.

In Washington, one in four children battle hunger each day. One in six people in the state are food insecure, and since the beginning of the recession, the number of families in the state fighting with a food shortage in their homes has nearly doubled.

About Washington Food Coalition

Through its statewide membership, Washington Food Coalition members find practical solutions to common challenges. The Coalition draws on the strength and reach of its membership to equip, educate and empower everyone working to end hunger in our state.

Washington Food Coalition provides the support that is desperately needed to keep our emergency food network strong and supported in these trying times. This produces the ability to serve more hungry people in more effective ways, something that is invaluable in times when demand is up and supply is scarce.

Each Year, Washington Food Coalition Manages To:

  • Increase nutritional access and food availability for needy children through food initiatives like backpack meal programs and summer food service.
  • Create programs to leverage donations in order to bring more food donations to emergency food programs for the state.
  • Work to lobby and advocate for the hungry of Washington on both a local and a national level.
  • Network with local farmers, growers, and food suppliers to build a sustainable food support program based on locally available products.

For more info visit Washington Food Coalition’s website:

*Make sure to visit our charity table on-site at the event. You will have the opportunity to participate in our charity raffle and win some fabulous raffle prize packages. 100% of all donation proceeds go to WA Food Coalition.