Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where do I pick up my tickets? Are they at will call?

All tickets for Bonza Bash events is electronic and handled by Shindigg. To help speed up check-in, we also recommend bringing a printed copy of your ticket:

Q: Help! I can’t find my email receipt and don’t know how to access my tickets. What do I do?

Login to Shindigg and re-download your ticket by following the instructions here.

Q: I’m on my way to the venue and forgot my printed ticket, do I need it?

So long as your name on your ticket at the time of purchase matches your ID, we’ll be able to look you up in our electronic ticketing system, so you’ll be all set.

Q: I’m selling my ticket or transferring it to a friend, how do I change the name on the ticket?

Edit your ticket holder information on Shindigg, then send them the PDF ticket.

Q: I purchased a Groupon, do I just turn up? What do I need to do to get a ticket?

If you purchased a Groupon, you must redeem your Groupon for an event ticket prior to the event. Redemption is available up until 6pm Tuesday 12/31.


Q: What should I wear?


“As with all Bonza Bashes, dress to impress. While this is a “black tie” event, some guests may prefer to wear semi-formal cocktail attire. Please be aware that most people will be in tuxedos, suits, gowns and cocktail dresses.

We wish to remind guests that jeans, shirts without a collar and/or sneakers are all inappropriate for an event of this nature, and will be expressly forbidden. If you wearing anything other than formal or semi-formal attire, you may be asked to leave and get changed. After which you are welcome to return to the event dressed in formal or semi-formal attire.

Regrettably we must decline entry to a very small number of guests for this reason each year, so please ensure you don’t become a statistic! There will be absolutely no refunds if you are denied entry for wearing inappropriate attire.

We get so few opportunities to dress to the nines in Seattle, so take advantage of our deals and dazzle the night away in your finest!”

Q: But I don’t have a tux! Can’t I just wear my Santa Claus knit sweater?

How should we put this? No. That would be wrong on a number of levels.

Q: It’s last minute and I still don’t have a tux! What should I do?

Check out our deals page -we have locked in a great discount price for you!

Q: Can I wear jeans?


As noted above, this is Seattle’s most sophisticated, yet fun, New Year’s Eve event. Class it up a notch or two. Please be advised that if you arrive wearing inappropriate attire, you will be asked to leave, and declined entry until your clothing is appropriate. There will be absolutely no refunds if you are denied entry for wearing inappropriate attire.

Group Discounts and Bookings

Q: I’ve got a large group of 10+ people coming. Do you offer any group discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts for groups of 10 or more people. Contact us for information on group discounts.


Q: Is re-entry permitted?

Yes, you may exit the venue and re-enter at a later time.

Q: Where do I park?

There are 2 adjacent parking lots and plenty of street parking available in the surrounding area.

Food and Beverage

Q: Will you be serving alcohol at the event? How many bars will there be?

Yes, we will have plenty of full bars at the event to ensure people can get drinks in a timely manner. Making sure the bars run smoothly is always a high-priority.

Q: Will bars take cash only, or credit cards as well?

To keep the lines running smoothly, bars will be CASH ONLY. Please come prepared. There will be ATMs on site, but we recommend coming prepared with cash to avoid having to wait in line for the ATM.

Q: Will food be available at the event?

Yes. We will have some of Seattle’s top food trucks onsite preparing some delicious treats for you in case you arrive hungry or are feeling peckish during the evening.

For our Bonza Gold VIP ticket holders, the VIP lounge will include light hors d’oeuvres. This is not a replacement for a meal, so we recommend eating a meal beforehand.

Bonza Diamond VIP guests will enjoy table service and an all-inclusive menu of food options to choose from.